31 August 2012

innocent drinks big knit

Ive been meaning to knit up some of these wee hats for the Innocent Big Knit for a while. Using Juliet Bernard's pattern as a guide I knitted a few up using dpns.

Juliet Bernard's patterns are available on Ravelry and also on the Innocent site. I'm hoping to knit a few more as the deadline is the first of October. For every bottle of Innocent drinks, wearing a woolly hat sold, 25p goes to Age UK, to help older people keep warm over the winter.
I've also written a pattern up, a hat with a brim - see the post below. It is knitted in the round and the only sewing is round the brim.

Hope someone can make use of the pattern.
Bye, Ali.

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  1. Anonymous31/8/12 23:42

    Well done! Good on you! Proud of you!


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