21 November 2016


I'm determined to work though my ever increasing stash, starting with a box languishing under the bed. I had two balls of Rowan Big Wool, which came with a box of yarn I won from Love Knitting a few years ago. I had thought of knitting a hat with matching cowl....but I don't like thick wool accessories. I read the label and saw that it was 100% wool, so had an idea it might felt. My old felted slippers, much worn, so much so that there was a hole in the sole, therefore making trips to the bathroom at night very chilly, needed replacing. So I decided to knit up new slippers using a tried and tested Drops Design pattern, called Magnolia, for more details of the free pattern, click here.
I knit the large size and as one ball was not enough for one slipper I knitted the last row with purple yarn, also from my stash. I crocheted a purple edging round the top of the slippers for a bit of contrast. They turn out gigantic.....

 I put them in the washing machine with an old towel and a colour catcher sheet, I was worried the purple yarn might bleed. I always start felting by washing at a 40 degree wash, the idea being if they don't felt enough I can put them in again. If it is too hot of a wash then they might shrink too much and that process can't be reversed.
So out they came.....

I did have to put them into the machine again and when they came out again, they needed a bit of manipulation and pulling and pushing into shape.
Once dry I had to decide on embellishments,  between flowers or bow or pompoms.....in the end I decided on pompoms.....

And just to prove they do fit, here's me in front of the fire. The Rowan Big Wool worked well as regards felting and is much warmer and thicker than the Drops yarn which I've used in previous projects.

Till next time, Ali.


11 November 2016

irish colleen

I always loved entering the St Georges Market tea cosy competition, every year, but it seems to have died a death. It was great seeing the other entries, so many creative cosies. So, I've looked further afield and found a similar competion, taking place at Dun Laoghaire. It is part of the Craft Festival taking place this Sunday at the Royal Marine Hotel.
Here's my entry...shes supposed to be an Irish Colleen.....

She was great fun to make and will be sold for charity on Sunday. There are some other great cosies entered for the competition and they can be seen on Facebook, click here. If in the vicinity of Dun Laoghaire on Sunday drop in to the craft fair, admission is free.
Till next time, Ali.