16 June 2014

shawl update

Well I eventually finished the shawl. I used German short rows and Grandmothers Favourite Bind off, again. The same techniques I used for my previous Wingspan project. It was such a lovely day today I took the opportunity to take some photos in the back garden.

I do wish I had someone who could model my knits, but unfortunately you will have to make do with me.

The garden was bathed in sunlight and the geraniums were just lit up in the sun.....beautiful.

I spent most of the day in a shady spot doing some hand sewing, my favourite - Suffolk puffs.

Supposed to be a nice week, so I'll be spending it outside and forgetting about the massive ironing pile and all those other chores.
Till next time, Ali.

1 June 2014

summer shawl

I usually shy away from largish projects as I get bored very easily, if things are taking too long. However I took a notion to knit a shawl, one which I could wear in the garden on summer evenings rather than pulling on a jumper. I found an easy knit, no hassle pattern By Amanda Richardson - Amanda's Jade Flower Wrap, for more details click here.
With a pattern found, I needed to find a nice yarn and last time I was in the Textile Studio at Ballyhack, I fell in love with skeins of Manos Serena. A lovely soft wool in delicate shades of blue, pink, lilac and lemon.
Here's my work in progress shots...

It has been a really nice relaxing pattern and one that is easily memorized. Yesterday I was able to do a bit of al fresco knitting....

It was nice to sit and admire the garden, weeds and all. The Lupins are putting on a great show at the moment....  

Unfortunately no outdoor knitting today, due to rain. Hopefully I will get the weather I'm expecting to wear my shawl this summer.
Till next time, Ali.