24 October 2014


Recently, my friend Ali (writer of the blog, Random Wooliness) a brilliant crocheter, introduced me to the art of freeform crocheting and knitting. I had never come across it before, but freeforming is basically a project which doesn't follow a pattern, it has no rules or restrictions and you just make it up as you go along. It is a random collection of different stitches, with changing colours and textures. Another way of describing it, is doodling with yarn. The resulting piece is known as a scrumble. I like the whole idea, it's so easy to get up uptight when making something, but this way is much more relaxing.

Ali came up with the idea that we joined together in a freeforming project. We both would make a scrumble, she would crochet one and I would knit one. Then we would send our scrumbles to each other and add on a freeforming knit/crochet piece to the original scrumble.

My scrumble was a cast on row, a row increasing and lots of yarn overs, then cast off. I then stitched the long strip together and added a few beads.

I was so excited as Ali is very creative with her use of colours and mixing different types of yarns, I couldnt wait for her scrumble to arrive.

And here it is a beautiful mix of blues and greens.........

We are intending to pass the pieces back and forward, adding on a wee bit each time. I cant wait to see where this freeforming adventure takes us.
Many thanks Ali (the other Ali) for such an exciting project.
Til next time, Ali.

12 October 2014

sea of poppies

Recently I saw online that The National Museum of the Royal Navy were looking for knitters/crocheters to make some poppies, for an art installation which is to commemorate the losses during WW1.  The website gives details of local free workshops and an address were poppies can be posted. They have to arrive before 1st November. For more details click here.
I thought I would take the opportunity to blow the dust off the crochet hooks and make a few poppies. To be honest crocheting does not come easy to me as I much prefer knitting. I think the poppies got gradually better as I went along. I used the free Crochet Remembrance Poppy by the McAree brothers , click here
and here are some of the poppies.......

Have a great week everyone,

5 October 2014

free acorn pattern



rd(s): round(s) 
st(s): stitch(es)
k: knit
p: purl
kfb: increase, knit front and back into same stitch
pfb: increase, purl front and back into same stitch
tog: together
rpt: repeat
pwt: pull wool through (thread yarn onto tapestry needle and then through sts on needle) 

four dpns size 2.75mm/US 2
two colours of dk/8ply
polyester toy filling
tapestry and darning needle
Cast on 2 sts with brown wool.
Leave a long yarn tail if acorn is to be hung.
i-cord for 4 rows.
Slide sts to end of needle and continue knitting flat.
ROW 5: pfb, pfb (4 sts)    (right side). 
ROW 6: (kfb) rpt to end of row  (8 sts).
Slip sts onto three dpns (3, 2, 3) and join in the rd, make sure that purl (right) side is facing outwards. 
Rd 7: (pfb) rpt to end of rd  (16 sts) this round is a bit fiddly! (to make the increase easier, stretch the stitch which is to be used for the increase with the working needle, before purling into the front and back). 
Rds 8-10: p.
Change yarn to green or beige. 
Rds 11-14: k.
At this point pop acorn inside out and weave end yarns away on the reverse side. 
Rd 15: (k3, k2tog) rpt to last st, k1  (13 sts). 
Rds 16 and 17: k. 
Rd 18: (k2, k2tog) rpt to last st, k1  (10 sts). 
Rd 19: k. 
Rd 20: (k1, k2tog) rpt to last st, k1  (7 sts).
pwt  (break yarn, thread unto needle and thread through 7 sts, do not pull tight).
Poke stuffing inside acorn, do not overstuff.
Pull yarn tight, thread needle through sts again, make a few sts to secure and loose yarn inside acorn.                                               

Oak leaves in the picture below are fom a pattern by Frankie Brown, Woodland Wreath Oak, for more details click here

  copyright Alison Hogg 2014