6 March 2011

more buns

I never get fed up knitting buns and so Ive just finished another batch for the City and Guild Award. For the multicoloured yarn instead of using shop bought wool I hand painted white yarn with pink and yellow silk paint....it seemed to work ok.
Doing the research was so much fun as well, right down to the bun cases.
I took some photos of the finished cupcakes
Bye for now, ali

1 March 2011

spring flowers

Now that is officially spring my thoughts should really turn to a bit of Spring cleaning! The bright sunlight, the last few days shows up the dust and grime. However the thought of all the cleaning projects sends a shiver down my spine.
So I closed the door on the housework and headed out into the garden where there are definite signs of spring
The crocuses are in bloom............

As are the snowdrops......
Bye Ali,