25 June 2011

to bead or not to bead

Yesterday I spent a very enjoyable morning at the Bead Shop in Annahilt. I have signed up for a jewellery course during the summer holidays and wanted to stock up on some supplies. Not only can you choose beads for a vast selection, the girl (I think shes called Lynne) will help you design and make your item of jewellery. I strongly recommend a visit, you will come away with a unique and inexpensive piece of jewellery. Don't be put off by the mundane surroundings of the Business Centre where the shop is located - inside it's a completely different world. They is opening another shop in Bessbrook, near Newry in the Richbrook Industrial Estate, come 16th August. I bought a few wee bags of beads to make up in the course, but I'm sure I'll be back to the shop again soon. Bye , ali

21 June 2011

rain stops play

Why is it when the badminton net goes up in the back garden for the summer months - the rain comes on! Not to worry, I managed to take a few photos when the garden was bathed in sunshine last week. The rose was the first of this year.. I love the way the geranium spills over into my ladies mantle plant in a chaotic manner.... Some good news is, I passed my two City and Guilds Awards this year with distinction - I'm very pleased and relieved about that. Bye, Ali

13 June 2011

wish me luck

Tomorrow is the day when the external examiner comes to Belfast to mark the City and Guild pieces. She will be looking at my knitted items in particular - I have cupcakes, a gateau and these plate of buns up for scrutiny.

....so keep your fingers crossed for me.
After gaining the Certificate and hopefully a few Awards, I have signed up for the City and Guilds diploma for next year.
On a slightly different theme someone passed the link to this article
in the Daily Mail which links quilting to good health.
Ill let you know how I get on tomorrow,