13 June 2011

wish me luck

Tomorrow is the day when the external examiner comes to Belfast to mark the City and Guild pieces. She will be looking at my knitted items in particular - I have cupcakes, a gateau and these plate of buns up for scrutiny.

....so keep your fingers crossed for me.
After gaining the Certificate and hopefully a few Awards, I have signed up for the City and Guilds diploma for next year.
On a slightly different theme someone passed the link to this article
in the Daily Mail which links quilting to good health.
Ill let you know how I get on tomorrow,

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  1. Anonymous15/6/11 05:39

    You don't need luck...you have natural talent. If the judges can't see that, that's their problem.

    You will do fine regardless. Proud of all you have achieved and pleased to hear you will be going on to do more...

    Onya Ali


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