27 February 2013

chirpy chirpy cheep cheep

Due to a "request" from our neighbours, at lot of our trees have had to be lowered along the boundary line. Unfortunately this will deter birds nesting this year. The magpies which live and nest in one of the trees have already found alternative accommodation. With nesting and spring in mind, I've come up with a wee pattern - two chicks in a nest.

The pattern is for the nest and the chicks. The knitted nest, alone could be used as an Easter gift by adding a few mini eggs or a creme egg. Alternatively you could knit the baby birds to fit inside. Ive taken the photos this morning so just have to finish writing the pattern. Hopefully I will be posting it in the next few days, for the start of the nesting season.
Bye for now, Ali


23 February 2013

fingerless mitts

This started out as a Christmas project, to be finished over the holiday period. However I just finished it last week! Despite the pattern being clear and well written I found it hard to concentrate on the "wave" pattern and therefore there was a lot of ripping out. Here's some photos.........


The pattern - Splatterdash Wristwarmers by Dagma Mora is available on the Knitty website, click here. I used Lang Yarns, Mille Colori and the colourway was Berry. It was a pretty yarn, but difficult to knit up as it split.
Now that this project is out of the way, I'm writing a pattern for a nest complete with chicks. There is also the small matter of the City and Guilds final piece - I'm hoping to do a felt panel but it is very much on "the drawing board" at the moment.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Ali

17 February 2013

andy warhol

The Andy Warhol exhibition has arrived in Belfast and can be seen at the MAC, St Anne's Square.

There is a selection of 232 of his works, spanning his entire career. Here's a snippet of the exhibition.......
Self portrait Strangulation (1978)

Silk screen poster.

Silver clouds (1966) - Helium filled metallised plastic film. This piece was my favourite it looked like floating pillows.
The exhibition is on until the 28th April so plenty of time to go and see it, I'll probably make a return visit.
Bye, Ali


13 February 2013

woolly heart

Although I'm not a great romantic I thought I would make a wee bit of an effort this year, for St Valentines Day. While browsing in Ravelry's pattern base I found a knitted heart card. It's a free pattern by Elizabeth Murphy, details on her site The Sitting Tree. Here's a sneak preview of my finished card.

The card was quick to make, the pattern easy to follow and well written. I didn't have any worsted weight yarn so used two stands of double knit (8ply). Hope he appreciates my efforts.

Bye, Ali.


10 February 2013

birthday flowers

My birthday was last week and I received the loveliest bunch of flowers, indigo anemones and pale pink tulips. The anemones where shut tight when I received them but have burst into life today....
I couldn't resist a bit of photo editing......

I was also inspired to get the paints out. This one was sketched with watercolour pencils and then painted.


 For this one I just used watercolours - its a bit looser and I much prefer it.
Not exactly masterpieces but great fun to do.
Bye for now, Ali,

3 February 2013

ribbon rose

I have been meaning to write this tutorial up for some time and just getting round to it today. The ribbon rose is folded in the same way that I used to make newspaper sticks for the fire as a child. It is a bit fiddly and may take a bit of practise to get a satisfactory rose shape. You could experiment with different width of ribbon. 

aprox 80cms (30ins) of ribbon width 2.5cms (1ins) for the rose
scraps of ribbon for further decoration
needle and thread
bead (optional)

Have needle threaded, with a double knotted thread, in a matching colour. 
1. Fold the length of ribbon in half.
2. Fold the top part of ribbon to form a mitre.
3. Fold the underneath half of the ribbon over the mitre. 
4. Fold the other half of the ribbon over.  
5. Continue folding backwards and forward about 14 times. 
6. Keep hold of the two ends of the two ribbons and let the rest of the ribbon "pop" out.
7. Pinch the ribbon, and pull one of the lengths of ribbon.

8. Pull gently until the rose shape forms. With needle and thread sew back and forward from the centre of rose to the back, make sure all pieces of ribbon are held secure. Attach bead to centre of flower.
9. Fold the two loose ends to the back of the rose and sew in place.
10. You can build up further pieces of ribbon at the back of the rose.
11. Fold the ends of a piece of ribbon so that they overlap at the centre. With a needle and double thread sew along the centre line, pull tight to gather and fasten off.
12. Attach to the back of the rose.
This would make a lovely corsage for a wedding or a pretty way to decorate a wrapped gift for someone special.
Bye for now, Ali.