10 February 2013

birthday flowers

My birthday was last week and I received the loveliest bunch of flowers, indigo anemones and pale pink tulips. The anemones where shut tight when I received them but have burst into life today....
I couldn't resist a bit of photo editing......

I was also inspired to get the paints out. This one was sketched with watercolour pencils and then painted.


 For this one I just used watercolours - its a bit looser and I much prefer it.
Not exactly masterpieces but great fun to do.
Bye for now, Ali,


  1. beautiful Ali, both the actual blooms and your painted renditions. Belated happy birthday x

  2. Anonymous13/2/13 08:37

    Such a gorgeous purple! And the painting is too - hope you're still enjoying them?
    P x

  3. Fabulous colours Ali, beautiful paintings.
    Ali x


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