27 February 2013

chirpy chirpy cheep cheep

Due to a "request" from our neighbours, at lot of our trees have had to be lowered along the boundary line. Unfortunately this will deter birds nesting this year. The magpies which live and nest in one of the trees have already found alternative accommodation. With nesting and spring in mind, I've come up with a wee pattern - two chicks in a nest.

The pattern is for the nest and the chicks. The knitted nest, alone could be used as an Easter gift by adding a few mini eggs or a creme egg. Alternatively you could knit the baby birds to fit inside. Ive taken the photos this morning so just have to finish writing the pattern. Hopefully I will be posting it in the next few days, for the start of the nesting season.
Bye for now, Ali



  1. So cute Ali! :)
    I do like the idea of filling the nest with chocolate eggs! :)
    V xxx

  2. Love your fluffy colourful nest and your bright chicks Ali!
    Great idea...brightened my day!
    Ali x

    1. hi Ali, Thanks, your comment about the chirpy chicks in the last post inspired the title for this post, Alison

  3. Anonymous28/2/13 19:56

    I really like this Ali - will make a great present for the grandchildren. Though even if we go for the birds there will still have to be chocolate!
    We had a similar 'request' and told them although we were very happy to do so, it would have to wait until the birds were ready to leave. Worked well for everyone.
    Hope your birds come back quickly.
    P xx


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