27 January 2011


Another week another season.....I've finished Autumn now. I've included a hydrangea in Autumn and I know it is really a summer flower, but the flowerheads last much longer than the summer months and the ones in my garden turn a really deep burgundy colour. The yellow leaves are inspired by my neighbours plum tree, which overhangs our garden and the leaves turn a bright yellow colour in Autumn.
I'm whizzing through the year rightly........look out for Winter.
Bye, Ali

22 January 2011


Thought you might like to have a look at another of my embroidery panels. Its just more of the same only this time with a Japanese anemone and some Shasta daisies (what else).
Ive signed up to do another 15 week award in Textiles and for this one I think I will be doing a knitting project. Autumn coming soon - hopefully.
I'm off to do a bit of sewing.
Bye, Ali.

15 January 2011


I have completed the first panel - Spring and took some photos today. The background fabric is hand painted with silk paint. Embroidery mostly takes the form of free machining, a skill which doesn't come easy to me, but I've improved a bit this year. I've also posted some photos showing details of the blossoms and daffodils.
Next is summer so hopefully I'll be have photos of it soon....wish it was spring!
Bye, Ali

13 January 2011


Just after packing my "schoolbag" for City and Guilds tomorrow. Last week, I took this photo in the store which we share with the fashion class,...what an unusual collection of dummies!
At present I'm in a mild panic as the deadline approaches for the finishing of the machine embroidery Award. Next week Ill probably be in a major panic - I seem to be the sort of person who leaves things to the last minute and then there is a mad dash for the finish line. Ill be posting photos of my panels representing the four seasons as soon as they are finished so you can watch my progress.
Bye, Ali