28 June 2013

roberta rabbit

I finished my rabbit and I'm very pleased as to how she turned out. The wee rabbit proved to be a fun, interesting knit. She assumed a definite personality as I was knitting her up and came alive when I sewed on her features.
Some photos of Roberta ......

She looks a wee bit lonely so I'm knitting a friend for her. Patterns are by the designer Little Cotton Rabbits - click here
Have a good weekend, Ali.


20 June 2013

off the needles

After a marathon of a knit, I have eventually finished the Curve of Pursuit blanket. The short rows kept the knitting interesting but even so this is a definite one off project. For details of pattern, by Woolly Thoughts click here
Some photos of my finished blanket.

Now that the blanket is off the needles I've started a smaller project. On the needles is the girl bunny written by the extremely talented Julie from Little Cotton Rabbits. Hoping to do the boy bunny as well. For details of these patterns click here.

Now all I need is some nice summery weather so I can knit in the garden,
Bye for now, Ali.

13 June 2013

school of art exhibition

Our class met up for lunch yesterday and then a visit to the Belfast School of Art Annual Exhibition.
We headed straight for the textiles - no surprise there.
Here's some photos of things which caught my eye. Apologies as I didn't get all the artists names.
I loved the map print on this dress.

This was a stunning piece by Hannah Bell.

Some hand/machine embroidery.

Some machine embroidery by Liz McCulloch with linen as the theme.

I caught a glimpse of myself in this piece by Jena Magenus

The exhibition runs until Saturday the 15th June so still time to go.
Bye for now, Ali.