29 May 2013



st(s): stitch(es) 

2 dpns size 2.25mm (US 1)
4 ply (fingering) yarn in white, green and yellow
(I used Debbie Bliss Rialto 4 ply in white, leaf and amber)
darning needle
safety pin 

This pattern uses i-cord technique for a video tutorial see the knitting help website - click here (scroll down page)

For the necklace in the photo, I made 8 flowers.
With white, cast on 2 sts, leaving a long yarn tail aprox 20cms.
Continue with i-cord until work measures aprox 40cms.
Break yarn and place 2 sts onto safety pin.

With yellow, cast on 2 sts.
Continue with i-cord until work measures 6cms.
Change to green yarn. Leave a long yarn tail for both the yellow and the green yarn (the tails should be aprox 20cms long).
Continue with i-cord until the green stem measures aprox 10cms.
For the necklace in the photo, I used six stems of 10cms and two stems of 15cms to give a random look.
Any length of stem can be used, always i-cord a further 1cm to the required length as this is needed to make the “link”.
Fasten off. 

Thread the yarn tail onto a darning needle.
Measure 2cms along the i-cord and fold. Thread needle through the base of the first petal.

 Continue with concertina folding and threading the needle though the base of the petals.
Continue folding and sewing until there are nine petals.
Remove 2 sts from safety pin and rip back to the end of the ninth petal.
Fasten off the two sts and loose yarn in petal.
With the other yarn tail join the petals in a circle and pull the yarn tight.
Secure yarn and then loose yarn tail in one of the petals.
Pull petals into shape.

Push the end of the yellow i-cord through the gap at the centre of the petals.
This can be done by threading the end yarn tail and then pushing the needle through the centre gap.
Pull the other yellow yarn tail through as well, leaving the green yarn tail on the reverse side of the petals.
Coil the yellow i-cord, sewing as you go to form the centre. Catch the petals while sewing the coil.
Loose both yellow yarn tails in the centre.
Turn the daisy over and with the green yarn tail sew long stitches along each petal securing the petal to the stem.
Fold the end of the stem over by 1cm.
Sew stitches to make a small gap, loose the yarn tail in the stem. Then thread the next flower through.
For the final “link” sew the end of the stem around the daisy head.
Adapt the length of the stems to make a necklace, bracelet or crown.

copyright Alison Hogg 2013

25 May 2013

coming up daisies

There were a lot of daisies growing through our grass, just got some photos taken before the grass was mowed.

I remember as a child going to the park, picking daisies and making daisy chains, which were then used as necklaces, bracelets and crowns.

This memory has inspired my latest pattern - a knitted daisy chain necklace. The weather was nice today so I was able to sit in the garden and knit.
Hopefully I'll have the pattern written up next week sometime.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Ali.

23 May 2013


I love taking a run over to Ballyhackamore (Belfast). There are a collection of charity shops, which I enjoy a good rummage round. I was really excited when I discovered a new shop there - The Textile Studio.

They stock a yarn which I have never seen before, its called Drops and is from Norway. The shop also has some fabric and haberdashery. There are workshops for crocheting and sewing at the moment, for more info see the website, click here. Ill definitely be having quite a few return visits.
Of course I could not resist buying a wee bun from the home bakery across the road to have with my cup of tea.

Bye for now, Ali

19 May 2013


The Belfast Met. have a few exhibitions on this year..........

Our City and Guild's class have our work on display next week. So if you are in the vicinity of the Castlereagh Campus, next Monday, Wednesday or Thursday go and have a wee look. Opening times are 9 am till 4 pm. The exhibition is closed on Tuesday as that is the day the Examiner visits, my work is up for scrutiny this year, so wish me luck for that.
Some photos of my corner.....

All the best, Ali

11 May 2013

log cabin

One of my treasured possessions is a quilt which my nanny made and gave to me. It must be sixty years old. It's in my favourite patchwork block, Log Cabin. Its a bit threadbare now and in need of a little tlc, I must take the time to do some repairs.

The blocks are a bit haphazard but for me that adds to it's charm. The back is as interesting as the front, made up of pieces of old tea towels and shirts. Comes from a definite make do and mend era.

Traditionally the middle block of the log cabin is red to represent, the hearth or the fire. The strips represent the logs used in the construction of the cabin. These strips are usually contrasting light and dark - the light ones being the side of the cabin with the windows and the dark strips being the solid side of the cabin. Here's a sample I did a few years ago...

I have been meaning to do a log cabin knit for a while and have just started one for my TV project. The pattern for my winter blankie is "Curve of Pursuit" from  Woolly Thoughts. They have a lot of mathematical/illusion type patterns to see their website click here.


Enjoy the rest of the weekend, everyone, Ali

3 May 2013

drip drip drop

"Drip, drip, drop little April showers" as the song goes in Bambi. I know its already May, but I am pleased to announce that I have finished my April Shower felt panel.
A few photos......
A change of mind regarding the Wensleydale lock hyacinths they were replaced with strips of muslin which I embroidered into the felt.


and the tulips standing to attention

lots of raindrops

Now just the book and the employability units to complete.
Have a great Bank Holiday weekend, Ali