8 June 2015

two down

Since my last post I have managed to finish two of the four projects I was working on. The first was another crocheted shawl for my friend Faye...hopefully it will be with you soon. The second was something I saw on facebook, a call for knitters to make sensory bands for patients in the later stages of dementia. The scheme was launched at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH) and the Integrated Dementia Services Project Manager explains, “The sensory band was designed to help people find comfort in tactile stimulation which they may be missing, especially when they are away from home. The bands can be reassuring and help people to feel more relaxed and safe". For more information about the scheme and for a pattern click here.
Basically the band is just a knitted tube, which I did on dpns, using two strands of dk yarn.

I tried to use colour and texture for stimulation and had great fun with different yarns, stitches and add-ons such as buttons, ribbons, beads and icord, which were sewn on both the outside of the band and the inside.
A great and easy project to knit and hopefully it will bring comfort to a dementia patient.

Till next time, Ali.

1 June 2015


I seem to have a lot on the go at the moment, but don't seem to be achieving much. I'm working on a sewing project, a crochet project and a knitting project, all at once. I'm also in the process of writing up a new pattern. I do wish I could be more organised and write neat methodical notes. However I seem to generate chaotic notes combined with squiggles. Hopefully it will all come together in the end.

My son is also working towards his A Levels at the moment, hes a bit of a messy worker as well.....I do wonder where he gets it from! The paper mountain is growing daily. I'm waiting till he finishes before it all goes in the recycle bin,

Good luck to anyone, sitting exams at the moment.
Till next time, Ali.