30 September 2012


In the last post I was struggling with the Annis Shawl. After what seems a lifetime I have eventually finished it. Once the outer lace edge was knit, the rest of the shawl knitted up quite quickly. I was a bit timorous about blocking it and just gently pulled it and pinned it and then sprayed it with water. So my shawl is not as large as the one in the pattern. I must say I feel a sense of achievement at finishing as I nearly gave up a few times during the early stages. Here's a few photos of the finished shawl.

 close up of the lace edge
I used beads instead of knitting the nupps which made progress quicker

On with the next project now.
Bye, Ali.

22 September 2012


oh what a tangled web we weave .....
This seems to be the time of year all the spiders move inside. Don't know if they are adding to or detracting from my interior design with their lacy constructions. I am in the process of knitting my own lacy construction in the form of the Annis shawl to be found on the Knitty website. It's been tangled up quite a few times.

I've found it a bit of a challenge as I usually work on small projects - its hard keeping account of the 363 stitches. This is the first time I have knitted with 2ply yarn or added beads to a project. The project pages have been invaluable on Ravelry. Progress has been slow and has had a few false starts. I'll let you know how I go.
Have a good weekend, Ali.

16 September 2012

tea cosy day

Today was the final of the tea cosy competition. There were some amazing ones, all beautifully displayed.

Here's some which caught my eye.....
"Pansy" - loved the colours in this one.

"Titanic Quarter" - I liked the way the cable stitch was used to represent the water.

The winning entry was an amazing Mad Hatters Tea Party one. I was more than pleased to win the Funniest Tea Cosy as the standard was very high, All the cosies were auctioned off for the Help the Aged charity.
Bye, Ali.

8 September 2012

billboard art

Art has come to my part of Belfast. As part of the Art in the Eastside project, art has been splashed over billboards making it accessible to everyone. The project celebrates the people, history, culture and social aspects of East Belfast. There are eight different participating artists in twenty six locations. Makes a nice change from the usual ads.

I took a photo of the  billboard on the Beersbridge Road - "Invasion of the Sock Monkeys" by Katie Blue.

Katie Blue is a Belfast artist who specialises in making art from recycled junk. She makes sculptures, assemblages, prints paintings and of course sock monkeys.
Bye Ali.