22 August 2011

beach combing

I spent a nice morning on the beach, the purpose of the mission was to find some tumbled beach glass.
I did a jewellery course during the summer and we were shown how to do wire work. The tutor suggested using beach glass or pebbles and wrap wire round them. She said that beach glass would be a scare commodity in the future, due to recycling and the more frequent use of plastic containers. I collected lots of "gems", some really interesting pottery pieces and glass with patterns and letters on them....
Now I just have to get the pliers out.
All the best, Ali.

3 August 2011


Sorry if anyone has been trying to access my patterns in the last few days. I closed down the blog due to a problem, shall we say, with the site allfreeknitting. One of my patterns was held up in a controversial way on one of their newsletters and readers where invited to make comments. Some of the comments were most unpleasant about the pattern and I felt as if I was under personal attack. I now have my free patterns and profile removed from that site. Designers please note that on the allfreeknitting site you do not have a way of moderating or deleting comments about your patterns or indeed yourself.
Bye, Ali