3 August 2011


Sorry if anyone has been trying to access my patterns in the last few days. I closed down the blog due to a problem, shall we say, with the site allfreeknitting. One of my patterns was held up in a controversial way on one of their newsletters and readers where invited to make comments. Some of the comments were most unpleasant about the pattern and I felt as if I was under personal attack. I now have my free patterns and profile removed from that site. Designers please note that on the allfreeknitting site you do not have a way of moderating or deleting comments about your patterns or indeed yourself.
Bye, Ali


  1. Anonymous3/8/11 23:58

    Glad to have you back Ali...

    The pox on them...if one can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all....

  2. What? That's terrible, I can't believe people would do that.


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