24 February 2011

wee buns

The embroidery Award finished, I've now started on my second Award for this year. I'm now doing a knitting piece. Starting with the old favourite - cupcakes. The research is such a chore but I suppose someone has to do it..........

The cupcakes were bought in the Fernleaf on the Cregagh Road.
I've done most of the knitting and now for the sewing up. I sew up pieces with mattress stitch and also sew some pieces with sewing thread in a matching colour as it is less bulky than yarn and almost invisible. Better get to it............
Bye, Ali.

20 February 2011


Finally I'm getting round to posting my fourth and final panel of the Four Seasons. I really like the sky in this Winter panel. I wet the fabric, applied silk paint and then sprinkled rock salt onto it. I was hoping to achieve an atmospheric snowy sky. The sky unfortunately hasn't come out to well in the photo below.

The conifers in the background of the panel are Prairie Points which are slipped into a seam and then overstitched with machine embroidery.
I tried to make the holly leaves have a frosty appearance. In an attempting to do this I painted cling film with white acrylic paint and then placed it unto the green fabric.
Sorry the photos arent great - the light was bad when I took them.
So thats the embroidery Award completed it just have to be marked now!
Bye, Ali.