16 April 2016

teddy bear puppet appeal

OCC Barton on Humber are having a teddy bear puppet appeal.....

They are hoping to break the world record of teddies in a line. To break the record they need more than 15534 teddy puppets and the deadline to return knitted puppets is the 18th September. The puppets will then find there way into shoe boxes, as OCC stands for Operation Christmas Child, a charity which sends filled shoe boxes to needy children round the world.
For more details visit their Facebook page Occ Barton on Humber, click here
If you are interested in knitting up a few teddies, here is the pattern, a nice easy knit.


My pattern notes
I knitted the front and back in one piece.

I started and ended the puppet with two by two rib.
I embroidered the face before turning inside out and sewing the side seams as I thought it was easier.

My scarves were I-cord.

For the crochet pattern, click here.
Thanks to Linda's Crafty Corner for bringing the teddy appeal to my notice and I'm hoping to spread the word as well.
 Till next time, Ali.

9 April 2016

cup of tea

The latest novelty knitting pattern Ive tried is one by Clare Scope-Farrell, entitled Time for Tea.
Usually when I'm commenting on other designers patterns, I'm off the opinion "if you cant say anything nice, don't say anything at all", as I know how hard it is to actually write a pattern.
However, my gripe was not with the actual pattern, which was a fun knit, it was that it was only available as a Kindle edition e-book. Now I don't own a Kindle but was able to download the Kindle app on my phone....

Call me old fashioned, but I did struggle with this. I like a hard copy so I can scribble my own notes on it and mark the rows off as I go along. Anyway, I persevered as I quite liked the look of the finished item. I did change the pattern "translating" it so that i knitted most of the pieces I could in the round. I don't know why the designer has chosen this way to distribute some of her patterns, maybe it is here way of dealing with copyright issues.
I did finish it with a few technical hiccups on the way....

The buns are real, by the way. For more details of this and other Clare Scope-Farrell patterns, click here
Till next time, Ali.