28 July 2009

hair band

I thought I would have a go at a few different decorative knitting stitches.....I found this pattern Leftovers Headband which uses a nice lacy stitch. I knitted a shorter band, (44cms long) and then added two lengths of icord (each 20cms long) to be tied at the back of the head.

I knitted this one with dk cotton I'm pleased the way it brings a little order to my unruly hair.... I think for the winter I may knit a few woolly ones.

Bye, Ali

16 July 2009

he loves me he loves me not

I love these daisies....hence my user name.......they are indestructible, they can thrive in the most adverse of conditions tilting towards the sun and seeding themselves in the tiniest of cracks.
Here's my attempt at capturing them with watercolour.....

They have inspired me to do a Treasury on Etsy......have a wee look click here.
Bye, Ali

14 July 2009

second childhood

My father cleared out the glory hole recently and all my old toys reemerged. I was presented with a very sooty dolls house. After giving it a wash and a Mr Sheen I thought it would be quite fun to furnish it.
I decided I would like to do it up, a traditional 50's style house and so I bought some vintage furniture from ebay. You're welcome to have a look around here's the nursery......

All I need now is the baby, but its difficult to find 1/16th scale people. I made a few bits and pieces for it. The rug is crocheted 4ply cotton. The crocheted blanket would have looked better with a thinner wool. I also made a wee teddy which is a mini version of the teddy pattern for the Mother Bear Project.

I didn't have a pair of needles fine enough for the wee teddy, but I found an odd single dpn which I snapped in two.

Ill show you round room by room, as I make a few more items.
Bye, Ali

11 July 2009


I haven't been in Dublin for many years. Last time I visited, there were punts not euros and a bomb scare on the Belfast to Dublin train line was a daily occurrence.
Some things haven't changed though.............
Bewleys in Grafton Street is still serving coffee........

Bewleys skinny decaf cappuccino
The flower sellers are still selling bouquets......

Blooms in Grafton Street
and the train journey is so jiggly it is impossible to knit to pass the time!

outside Dundalk
I was hoping to further my Christmas pattern on the journey home, which I'm working on at the moment, but it will have to wait for another day. I cant believe I have just mentioned the "C" word and its only July - many apologies for that.
Bye for now, Ali

6 July 2009

40 shades of green

Feeling a bit stressed out yesterday I went for a walk in the local forest park. It is a lovely place for a walk, cool on a hot day and sheltered on a wet day. All the greenery lowered my blood pressure no end.
Belvoir Forest park

Green has to be my least favourite colour....as a child I used to give my green fruit pastilles to the dog!.... but it is supposed to be calming and relaxing...it has to be true, as to chill out on a sunny day I need to sit in the garden and knit away my thoughts and worries.
Here's a few photos of some plants in the garden....they were chosen as much for the colour of their foliage as their flowers. Here's a blue geranium with purple, almost black leaves.

This plant, Ive always known it called Lambs Ear plant, has the most beautiful silver furry leaves.....

Bye, Ali