11 July 2009


I haven't been in Dublin for many years. Last time I visited, there were punts not euros and a bomb scare on the Belfast to Dublin train line was a daily occurrence.
Some things haven't changed though.............
Bewleys in Grafton Street is still serving coffee........

Bewleys skinny decaf cappuccino
The flower sellers are still selling bouquets......

Blooms in Grafton Street
and the train journey is so jiggly it is impossible to knit to pass the time!

outside Dundalk
I was hoping to further my Christmas pattern on the journey home, which I'm working on at the moment, but it will have to wait for another day. I cant believe I have just mentioned the "C" word and its only July - many apologies for that.
Bye for now, Ali

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  1. I love Dublin, my favourite place is the Boxty House... yummy potatoe droool
    Nic xx


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