11 August 2009

new baby

A new baby is a good excuse to run down to the toy shop to shake the rattles, squeak the squeaky animals and fondle the soft toys. Also a great reason to get the knitting needles out. I thought this little guy would be the beanie hat type, so I knit two.... The ribbed beanie at the back of the picture is from a pattern found on Ravelry... Little Boy Blue Ribbed Baby Hat, and I followed this pattern to the letter. The hat in the foreground is based on the Apple Hat found while browsing on Knitting Pattern Central. I liked the shape of the hat, but knitted it with blue wool and icorded the top to form a loop. Not having much chunky or aran wool in my stash I just used two strands of double knit, which created a nice mottled random effect. I used these brill dpns which I found in a charity shop recently - they're plastic and quite slippy so great for me as Im a tight knitter. Im not sure what era they're from...but definitely "vintage" as they say on ebay.
All the best little one, Ali

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