30 September 2009

p & q course

My knitting hasn't been out of the work basket recently, as I have signed up for a City and Guild course in patchwork and quilting. Its taken me a wee while to get into sewing mode. Here's what we've been doing so far - Week 1 ......to get us used to the sewing machine we sewed paper napkins with straight stitch and satin stitch. Once washed in lukewarm water, the napkin washed away leaving the stitches....

Week 2..........English patchwork including sewing hexagons, diamonds (tumbling blocks) and clam shells. I had some fun with the clam shells turning mine into a bowl of ice cream. I'm beginning to wonder why a lot of my creations are inspired by food!!!

Bye for now, Ali

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  1. Anonymous9/10/09 11:30

    Well done, keep us informed.

    Ps..I'm back..guess who????

    I've missed you! :-))))


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