4 February 2010

happy birthday

Unfortunately today is one of those milestone birthdays best forgotten ....so to cheer myself up I thought I would have my own wee birthday celebration and do a bit of window shopping on etsy. I found this lovely quilted birthday card made by little quiltstores. Pretty felt cakes by Daisy Daydreams Cute crocheted pattern by tidafilur.
Hope you like my selection.
Bye, Ali.


  1. Anonymous4/2/10 12:47

    Happy Birthday Ali, my thoughts are with you.

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!
    I should say Happy Belated Birthday, since it's March 6th as I write this. I'm a pretty pokey Blogger and I'm finally returning a visit. I'm not sure what your milestone birthday is but I just had my Birthday of Feb 19th. And I'm 50!!!
    Are you feeling better about yours now? Ha ha!
    PS good selection from Etsy. Amazing attention to detail!

  3. Hi Ali, as one of my favourite bloggers, I have nominated you for a SUNSHINE AWARD! Pop to my blog if you need further details! xxx


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