9 July 2011

beaded cuff

I had a free afternoon today and decided I would make up a bracelet which I saw in the Annahilt bead shop.
Ive written up the instructions for anyone who would like to have a go.
what you need
-50 (aprox) coloured safety pins
-selection of beads with holes large enough to thread on to the pin of the safety pin
-beads for spacers with holes big enough to thread onto the elastic
-elasticity (1.0), which is a soft flexible bead cord which looks like nylon but is stretch like elastic  - about 3/4 metre
-nail varnish or glue
1. Thread beads on the open pin of the safety pin.

2. Using half of the elasticity, thread the safety pins and spacers alternatively.
The safety pins are threaded head to toe, that is, the first pin has the closure at the top, the next pin has bottom side at the top. Make sure the beaded pin is facing forward. Use a paper clip at one end to stop beads and pins sliding off. If you have a reel of elasticity work directly from the reel.
3. Continue in this way. Check to see you have enough safety pins and beads to go around your wrist. Use an even number of safety pins to continue with the "head" to "toe" sequence. 

4. Place the safety pins on a flat surface, beaded side facing down. Thread the other piece through the other side of the bracelet adding a spacer bead between each safety pin.

5. Tie one end of the bracelet with a reef or square knot. For a tutorial on how to tie this knot click here.

6. Repeat for the other end of the bracelet.
7. Put a dab of glue or clear nail varnish on the knots for extra security and trim ends. Push knot into the hole of the safety pin.


  1. Simple and yet very complicated looking at the same time. It's very pretty.

  2. This is gorgeous, thanks for sharing! I didn't even realise at first it's made from safety pins!


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