23 October 2011

planet necklace

I'm still easing myself gently into the wet felting. I saw a tutorial for making felt balls in the washing machine on the Painted Thread Projects blog. It has great instructions and plenty of photos. I decided to make balls to represent all of the planets continuing my "universe" theme for the City and Guilds course. They are approximately to scale and the correct colour.
For the rings of Saturn, I wet felted a small piece, cut a donut shape out and them free machined round it.
The world was a plain blue ball which I later needlefelted, land and clouds on to - not sure how geographically correct it is!

Unfortunately I lost Pluto somewhere, it must have rolled under the sitee or somewhere. I was going to make a mobile of the felted planets, but changed my mind and turned them into a necklace.

bye, ali


  1. What a fab necklace! I wet felted the universe too! It's here if you want to see it... http://thecraftersapprentice.blogspot.com/2011/07/playing-god.html

  2. I like this :) My daughter felted planets and made a mobile for her school science project last year.. it still hanging in the classroom.
    Love your bracelet.

  3. What a fabulous idea Ali - love all the colours and proportions! Fancy Pluto going missing - must've known he was downgraded and didn't count any more :(
    Have really enjoyed browsing all your creative talents!


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