28 January 2012

starlit vessel

I have just finished my first piece for the city and guilds diploma. It is a felt vessel inspired by galaxies, nebulous and stars.

It is wet felted  with merino wool, Angelina fibre for a bit of sparkle and embellished with swarovski crystal beads to give a bit of a twinkle. Now I have to finish the accompanying book and that's one craft pathway completed. Felting is new to me but I'm really enjoying even if all the rolling is a bit exhausting. The resulting items are so tactile and better still, virtually unbreakable.
Bye, Ali


  1. Anonymous30/1/12 00:57

    Well done, love the colour contrasts you used. Commendable effort.

  2. Beautiful! Love the colours you have uysed, they really suite the theme x


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