6 April 2012

paper leaf easter tree

Easter has to be my favourite time of the year ....the hopefully warmer weather, the brighter nights, the blossom and spring flowers. In celebration I made a paper leaf Easter tree, inspired by a photo I saw on Flickr.
Here's how.....

What you need
coloured paper
florists wire

1. Cut out rectangles of coloured paper, approximately 2.5ins by 3ins (two rectangles needed per leaf)

2. Apply glue to one side of the paper.
3. Place florists wire down the centre of one of the rectangles.

4. Make a sandwich of two of the pieces of paper with the wire in the middle.

5. Press down the paper with your finger, paying particular attention to the edge where the wire comes out.
6. Using the wire as a central line cut out a leaf shape.

7. Twist the leaves round the twigs.
8. Add some Easter decorations.

Hope you all have a nice Easter. Unfortunately I wont be eating too many Easter eggs as I have just had the results of a cholesterol test!!!
Happy Easter, Ali.

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