8 October 2012

christmas knits

Sorry to mention the C word, but I suppose it is time to start making things for Christmas. One of my patterns got a mention in Issue 45, Let's Get Crafting, Knitting and Crochet magazine. My Gingerbread and Mince Pie pattern is along with eleven other Christmas knit ideas. I haven't bought a craft magazine for a while and was shocked at the cost, but to be fair the magazine comes with six balls of yarn, knitting needles and patterns inside.
Loved the photo they took of my two items.

Bye, Ali.


  1. Anonymous8/10/12 12:54

    Hey, well done...you're famous now..LOL

  2. Very very well done. The pic is great. Did you or your blog get a mention.?

  3. hi angela, hope all is well with you, Im enjoying reading your blog....think they just mentioned my folksy shop in the magazine

  4. Hi ali - I was excited too to see your mince pie and gingerbread man in the mag I'm so pleased for you, Lynne xx


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