20 November 2012


A friend who knows I like novelty knits, sent me a link for a hexaflexacube cushion. Here's one side of it.....
It is in fact  a folding cushion, with six different sides.
It is from the Woolly Thoughts site, which brings out the mathematics in knitting and crocheting - an inspirational site. There are lots of paper hexaflexagons on the Internet with tutorials of how to fold them. After seeing it I thought I would have a go. I like knitting things for my son and as he doesn't particularly like woolly jumpers, I thought this project might appeal. One problem though it is crochet so again another challenge. It requires eighteen triangles so lots of practise with double crochet. (UK term). I must say that crocheting has proved to be the new Temazepan as I can hardly get my eyes open along the stretches of the double crochet.
Not sure how it will work out as my tension is all over the place and the triangles are hardly equilateral.....Ill let you know how I get on when I get to the assembly stage.

Bye, Ali.

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  1. How cool - what a fab idea - perfect for sons! Keep up the crochet - if you can stay awake..looking forward to seeing the assembled hexaflexagon!
    Ali x


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