22 December 2012

monsters + zombies

My son is quite grown up now....but not too old to enjoy wearing his monster slippers - a birthday present.

I do like to knit him a novelty Christmas gift. When I saw this pattern called Tombie the Zombie by Phoeny I just had to knit it. I think he will appreciate my efforts, since he likes films and games involving zombies!!!

Here's my finished zombie


The limbs, head etc are detachable.....

here's a close up of the head....

It is such a well written pattern and great fun to knit. I knit the body, head, limbs on dpns and had no bother converting the pattern as I went along. The pattern is available for sale on Ravelry - click here.
Oh well on with the rest of the Christmas preparations, Ali


  1. The world of knitters gets stranger and stranger. X

    1. hi angela, I think there is a pattern for just about everything and anything.....and I want to knit them all!!
      Maybe your Rowan is the sortoff boy who isnt into zombies and the like.

  2. LOL Well done! LOL


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