29 March 2013


There weren't too many brave souls walking in Barnetts park today, when I went to find some twigs for my Easter tree. There was a bitter wind, so I quickly collected my twigs, took some photos and left.


and the hope that maybe things will turn a little spring like soon.

Last year I wrote instructions on how to make a paper leaf tree - if you want to see how click here

Have a very Happy Easter, Ali.


  1. Anonymous29/3/13 16:58

    That wind really does bite! Hope Spring decides to visit very soon - won't it be good to see proper blossom on the trees?
    P x

  2. It has been a chilly day but at least the sun shone! I clipped some twigs off my cherry tree yesterday for my Easter tree, nipped up the garden quickly and hurried back in again .
    Wishing you a very happy Easter Ali.
    V xxx

  3. OOh pink blossom - spring may be on the way - blown in on the bitter wind!
    Hope you have a Happy Easter too Ali
    Ali x

  4. Your paper tree has given me an idea!
    I was at Malone House and Barnetts last Saturday - snowy and flooded. Happy Easter.


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