26 August 2013

granny square blanket

'Fraid I haven't had much time for blogging or crafting this wee while. I've been busy getting things done before my son starts school tomorrow....new uniform, appointments etc. I finished the granny square blanket awhile ago and just getting to post photos now.

I think that's enough now with one "needle" I miss my two sticks, in fact I miss having an on going project, I feel a bit unsettled as I can't just sit and do nothing. So now that school is back, I'm planning to knit up some ribbon ladder yarn I bought at the market last week.
 Hoping to make a long skinny scarf and I'll post the pattern next week sometime, if anyone has a ball of this languishing at the back of their stash cupboard and wants to make use of it.
Bye, Ali.


  1. Love your blanket, great colours! :)
    School again!!!! Where did the summer go to??
    V x

  2. Wow what a colossal colourful crochet creation Ali.
    Thats an amazing size, far bigger than I have ever attempted! Fab stitching and love your great colour combinations and proportions.
    Looking forward to seeing the skinny scarf - I do have some of that hiding in my stash!
    Hooray for the ongoing project - I'm going back to mine now!
    Ali x

  3. Are you enrolling for any course this year, Ali? Yes, I get that feeling too with no project on the go.
    I'm going to get back soon to making the owl I started in June. Nice exhibition of needle felting starts Saturday at Castle Espie.

    1. Have enrolled for a leisure embroidery class. The owl looked good, cant wait to see it finished. Sounds an interesting exhibition, ali

  4. Anonymous29/8/13 09:28

    Love the crochet blanket...Love the new hair colour too. Onya Ali.

  5. Gorgeous blanket Ali...I love the colour combination!
    Hope your son has a great start to the new school year too,
    Happy Friday!
    Susan x

  6. Hello to a crazy dazy from a lazy Daisy!!
    that granny blankets is the bees knees!! gorgeous
    bestest to you from a new follower!


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