20 October 2013

once upon a time

I've been doing a wee bit of sewing lately and trying to brush up on my hand embroidery skills. I have just finished a piece for an exhibition, the title of my work is "Once Upon A Time." Sorry photos aren't great, it was a grey day when they were taken.

The text and image were printed using a paper backed fabric which I inserted into my inkjet printer. The text comes from a fairy tale - "The Princess Who Stood on her Own Two Feet". This story is part of a book "Don't Bet on the Prince" edited by Jack Zipes. The stories differ from traditional fairy tales as they portray female characters in strong leading roles.
The background was machine pieced using a crazy log cabin block. I then tacked a piece of wadding to the back to add stability for the embroidery. I really wanted to practice my hand embroidery and used the seams for lines of different stitches. Here's a few detailed photos of my attempts......

I then added a backing fabric, my hand quilting method, to hold the three layers of the quilt together was quilt in the ditch so the stitches would be unobtrusive.

Definitely more practice is required with the hand stitching, particularly the French Knots which tend to be a rather hit and miss affair!
Bysie Bye, Ali.


  1. I like it, well done!

  2. Ever notice we are our own worst critics when it comes to our own work??? LOL Why do you suppose we are so quick to point out faults whether they are there or not?

  3. I think it looks great Ali! I have never printed on fabric, the image comes out really well, doesn't it. Love the idea of the princesses ruling the roost! ;)
    Another grey day today again, I'm afraid!
    V xxx

  4. Wow Ali, that looks beautiful! I love the small details of your hand embroidery, such a very pretty touch! Would you consider linking it to my Stitching Sunday post with the others? It is a very inspirational piece! Chrissie x

  5. OOOh I LOVE it Ali! The cRaZy log cabin, the colours, the images (fab idea and great ethos!) and the amazing handstitched embellishments - what a fab piece...soooo cool!
    Would love to see more of your stitching - you have so many great ideas!
    Ali x

  6. Beautiful work Ali..your stitching is gorgeous and I love the combination with the printing and pretty fabrics too!
    Happy New Week,
    Susan x

  7. I really like this Ali, and your stitching has put me in the mood for some hand stitching. X

  8. I love this, a great combination of fussy cut 1960s style pictures, and hand embroidery and log cabin, 3 of my favourite things.


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