11 February 2014

painted bondaweb heart

I recently heard a talk by the experimental textile artist Kim Thittichai and was most inspired by her work. She explained how to create a surface using pelmet Vilene and painted bondaweb. To see her blog click here.
I thought I would make use of her technique to make my Valentine card this year.

Firstly, I painted pelmet Vilene with Koh-I-Noor dye (I'm very fond of this wee palatte, with its vibrant colours, it is also very easy and convenient to use for small areas).

Then I painted the bondaweb on the "glue" rough side with watery acrylic paint (any water based paint will do). Once the bondaweb is wet, it crinkles in lines in one direction.

To fuse the two together, I made a sandwich - baking parchment on the bottom, pelmet Vilene, then bondaweb with the painted side down and finally baking parchment on the top.
 Once ironed, the paper backing on the bondaweb was removed.

To add a bit of bling, glitter was sprinkled on and foil ironed on with the tip of the iron. Then I ironed the whole piece again, not forgetting the baking parchment.
The end result is an interesting surface which can be cut with scissors and stitched. Painted bondaweb can also be fused onto fabric.

To make the card I sewed the three hearts in a continuous line without cutting the thread between them.Then I machine stitched them onto the actual card.

 I made a fabric envelope using Messy Jesse's  instructions, click here.

Bye for now, Ali.



  1. That's a lovely effect Ali, your card looks great! :)
    V xxx

  2. That is one very special Valentine! Beautiful, I must try this! Chrissie x

  3. Lovely Ali. Thanks for the tutorial. Will have a go. X

  4. Anonymous13/2/14 06:23

    That ought to convince Hubby he's well loved!

  5. Your card looks beautiful and special Ali!
    Wishing you a lovely Valentine's Day..x
    Susan x

  6. Impressive, Ali!
    Painted Bondaweb one of my favourite things.

  7. Fab textures and colour effects Ali.
    Hope you both had a happy valentines day!
    Ali x


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