18 May 2014

another scarf

Some people love shoes, but I love scarves, whether it be woolly winter ones or cotton/linen summer ones. My latest addition is one I knit up from a pattern by Sharon Squire - Good Neighbour's Scarf, for more details of the pattern click here. I used a beautiful Louisa Harding yarn, Noema.

The pattern required adding beads. My beads had a very tiny hole so I couldn't use a crochet hook to pull the yarn through the bead. Instead, I used a piece of jewellery wire.

First, I folded the wire in half and then slotted the wire through the stitch.
(The stitch in the photo was the last in the row).

I then threaded the two ends of the wire through the hole in the bead.....

and then pushed the bead over the stitch.

After removing the wire, the stitch with the bead attached was returned to the left hand needle ready for knitting......


When I was blocking the scarf, I blocked it in away to add a scalloped edge to one side of the scarf.

 I noticed when I was blocking I had left out a repeat of the pattern, but I suppose that's what makes a project unique and the mistake is only noticeable on close examination....I think I can live with this particular mistake.

And the finished summer scarf is now all already to be worn......

Till next time, Ali.


  1. OOOh thats really pretty Ali - a unique scarf and such fab colours.
    Enjoying the way you have styled it too - cool hanger - and amazing lacey shadows!
    Great way to thread your teeny tiny beads....such patience!
    Ali x

  2. I love you scarf it's very pretty. :)

  3. A girl after my own heart... I love scarves too. This one is very beautiful and stylish. An ingenious way of adding beads. Will give that a go in the future.
    Jacqui x

  4. I love scarves too Ali! Your new one is beautiful, love the beads and picot edge and that yarn is gorgeous, I had a little squeeze of it in the Textile Studio. ;)
    V xxx

  5. Beautiful. I've never used beads but I'll know what to do if I ever do now, very clever.

  6. It's beautiful, as always

  7. I absolutely love scarves too, am rarely seen without one. I cant manage beads at all though my fingers just aren't nimble enough! Your scarf is beautiful Ali.

  8. Anonymous24/7/14 09:28

    Thanks so much for that tutorial... I always wondered how it was done...Mystery solved.


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