26 August 2014

summer 2014

I know it is still officially summer, but for our house, today it ended, as this is the first day of the school term. Back to early mornings and school uniforms. To cheer myself up I have done a wee review of summer 2014.

I got much pleasure from my garden with all its blooms.......

There was a lot of al fresco knitting, while I sat in my favourite spot in the garden, we are lucky to have a very private garden which is nice.

I have also been working on a new knitting pattern, which is being tested at the moment. As well as knitting, there was time to do a bit of felting, for a competition, but more of that in a future post.
Till next time, Ali.


  1. I can't believe it's school time already, where did the summer go to!
    Lovely photos Ali!
    V x

  2. I think it's been a very short summer this year, even though Eleanor finished school in May because of her exams. Another week left here before it's school time again, I'm not looking forward to it.

  3. Al fresco knitting sounds in your beautiful garden sounds perfect Ali!...(Summer has just flown by, hasn't it?)
    Susan x

  4. the knitting all seems intriguing. I bought tons of wool to sit in the garden al fresco, but never seemed to do that. Did lots of al fresco reading though! The garden looks lovely x

  5. Love your white bloomers Ali and the interesting mini beast on the dazy!
    OOOh really excited at the prospect of competitive felt...beautiful photo to keep me going!
    Looking forward to the next installments!
    Ali x


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