15 January 2015

stripes and dpns

It has to be said I love my dpns and love knitting with them. One thing bugs me however and that is the stepped affect when changing colours and knitting stripes. Seen here......

I recently saw on the Drops design website a video showing how to minimise this, so I decided to do my own tutorial, for future reference and to share with anyone who knits in the round.

1. Change colour in the usual way.

2. Knit to the last stitch in the round.

3. At the beginning of the next round pick up the stitch directly below the first   stitch on the previous round.

4. With the right needle, pick up the stitch purlwise through the back loop and place it on the left needle.

5. Knit the first stitch of the round and the picked up stitch together. Pull this stitch tight. Continue normally with work.

 As you can see the stepped affect is lessened and there is a more smooth transition between the colours.

For anyone who prefers to watch a video of the technique, the link to the drops website is here.
Now I need a good stripey project. Just the weather for sitting by the fire with some knitting/crochet or whatever.
Till next time, Ali.


  1. Wow that is clever, it certainly makes a big difference!
    V x

  2. Wow - its like magic!
    Great idea for a tutorial - that will help others and you too!
    Love the stripes...fab colours!
    Ali x

  3. Thanks for the very clear photos. I knew about this method but never understood it before. It all makes perfect sense now.

  4. this was very interesting, I too hate the funny bit when knitting stripes in dpn. I also now have a really bad case of needle envy. I admired greenrabbitdesigns carbon needles and now I see two bloggy friends have them. Shame Christmas is past!

  5. What a great tip. You've explained it so well too, I shall keep a note of this post for when I'm next knitting stripes.

  6. Anonymous21/1/15 11:08

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Ali...Well done!


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