12 July 2015

tiny ted

Sorry haven't blogged for a while now.....have been busy with mundane things around the house. All very boring! I cant believe how quickly the summer is flying by. I have however been busy on the laptop today as the knitting pattern I have been working on has just been completed ........a tiny Teddy bear who comes  with a heart. 

The heart is optional, but with it he would make a great Valentines or anniversary gift. He stands about five inches tall and has jointed limbs. Ted is mostly knitted in the round with small pieces knitted flat. The heart is also knitted flat. He is now for sale on my Ravelry store and my etsy shop.
Hoping to catch up with all the blogs I follow today. 

till next time, Ali.


  1. Love the little bears. They will make great gifts!
    Jacqui x

  2. so so gorgeous, and a blog post worth waiting for. I have tried knitting teddies etc, and it all goes ok until i attach the limbs, Never quite works then

  3. OOh what fabulous tiny teds - and a beautiful heart too!
    Love their smiley expressions!
    Ali x


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