12 October 2015

christmas curls

I have seen crocheted spirals on Rav embellishing many projects, but shied away as I thought they would be too complicated to make. Another thing puts me off crochet patterns is a lot of patterns use US crochet terms which I find confusing. I eventually took the plunge with these crochet spirals and could not believe how easy they are. I've written the instructions below using UK/Aus crochet terms. This is not my original pattern, I watched a few tutorials on you tube and combined them, translating them and added a few extra bits myself, I mostly used the video tutorial  by Shopetsy, click here.
Any weight of yarn can be used, just use a corresponding size crochet hook.
I used dk yarn and a 4.00mm hook

Christmas Twirly Curly Tree Decoration


ch : chain
dc : double crochet
rpt : repeat

Make a slip knot, leaving a long yarn tail approx 12ins/30cms (this will be the hanging loop at the top of the spiral)
chain 20 approximately
the finished spiral will be half the length of the original chain

Working back along the line of chain. Miss one chain stitch, then slip stitch into next ch.

4 dc into next ch.

Rpt 4 dc into each ch.

As crocheting continues work naturally spirals but may need encouraging to curl in the right direction

Break yarn (when spiral is in place use this yarn end to secure the top, by sewing a few stitches into the lower level of the spiral)
Change to a contrasting yarn, starting at the bottom end of the spiral, work one slip stitch then dc into each previous dc

Break yarn and fasten off.

Return to the yarn end which made the slip knot, thread onto a needle. Double over the yarn and make a loop securing with a few stitches at the top of the spiral.

Other Ideas
Use sparkly yarn to make the project more Christmassey. Or Crochet using a metallic thread together with yarn.
Use variegated yarn for an interesting effect.

For a chunkier spiral treble instead of dc, (3 chain and 3 treble into first chain, then 4 treble into remainder of chains)

Other Projects
The spirals could be used in so many different projects. To decorate hats and scarves. Attach them to pony tail elastic bands. Ringlets for dolls hair or Santa's beard. Decorating parcels, much nicer than curling ribbon. I would be interested to know if anyone has any other ideas how they could be used.

Till next time


  1. I have actually used one as a pigs tail!! :)
    They are great fun!!
    V x

  2. only catching up with this now, wool curly wurlies.

  3. OOh pretty! Fab crochet curlies Ali!
    Great ideas...I've made longer ones and joined both ends for a springy bangle!
    Ali x


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