11 September 2017

quick update

Again, I have not been good at blogging, lately, so thought it was time for a very quick update.
During the summer I entered a few categories in the Home Industries part of  the Castlewellan Show.

I won four categories out of the five I entered and had a great day at the Show. It was the first time this townie had been to an agricultural show.

Have been doing bits and pieces of knitting, including a bit of mini yarn bombing. Here's a daisy I left on one of the statues at C. S. Lewis Square. Hope it found a good home.

Things are busy here at the moment, we have just got a new wee dog, he's a Bischon and a bit of a rascal. His name after much deliberation is Obo, not "our best offer" or Obo nails, but as I live in a hockey mad household Obo is a brand which hockey goalies play in. Here he is actually still, as he is usually a blur!

In between puppy duties and mopping up, I have been working on a new freebie pattern, which I will be hopefully posting on this blog, next week. Here's a sneak preview, think floral!

All the best, A.


  1. OOh Ali you have been busy! Congratulations on your show wins and your fluffy addition! He looks like a bundle of fun!
    Love LOVE lOvE your yarnbombing - what great ideas and fabulous locations!
    Keep up the great home industrial work Ali! Thinking of you
    Ali xx

  2. I wonder who picks up your yarn bombing, I was just thinking that on Saturday when we drove past the lady on Sandy Row!
    Obo is so cute...he'll soon settle and then you'll wonder what you ever did without him! :)
    Re your pattern I was going to say sunflower but the pink is putting me off that idea!

  3. I have still to go to Lewis square and now I want to see the sandy row lady again . Your yarn bombing looks great fun .
    You did fantastically well at the show . In my youth I used to go to them but not for many years . I know the newry show gets a big crowd


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