9 August 2010


five - 4 inch squares of cotton /silk (or any fabric which would not be too bulky when folded)
one - 3 and a half inch square of a contrasting fabric
small piece of felt
needle and thread
fabric glue
brooch back
pinking shears (optional)

1. Cut five - 4 inch squares

2. With wrong side facing up fold top point to the opposite point.

3. Fold again - point to point.

4. Repeat for each petal.

5. With a long piece of doubled matching sewing thread, sew tiny running stitches along the base of the triangle.

6. Pull thread and gather tightly end with a double stitch to stop petal unravelling.

7. Continue with the next petal - sewing and gathering. (make sure that the open folds are facing the same direction)

8. Continue until all petals are gathered. Join the last petal to the first one, to form a flower shape.

1. Cut a circle with a 3 and a half inch radius, in a contrasting fabric.

2. Turn edge of circle over a quarter of an inch and with a doubled sewing thread, in a matching colour, sew tiny running stitches close to the edge.
3. Pull thread tightly and tie off to keep the gathers secure.

1. Applique flower centre to the petals.
2. Cut a piece of felt with pinking shears - 2 inches in diameter and apply glue (avoid centre of felt).
3. Stick felt to the reverse of the flower to cover hole and attach brooch back.

Fabric I used for petals - Liberty Tana Lawn "Pepper"
copyright Alison Hogg 2010


  1. Anonymous10/8/10 14:34

    Thanks Ali.

  2. Anonymous16/3/11 14:11

    I loved this only thing I changed was I used 2 yo-yos instead of the felt and attached these to the front of my daughters Easter dresses. Thanks a million!!

  3. Im sure the dresses look really pretty, ali


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