16 August 2010

knitting nancy

I'm always trying to find uses for the tubes a knitting nancy produces. I've written up instructions on how to make a shamrock (see below). The shamrock can be used as a pin or as an embellishment for hats, scarves, bags etc. I hope someone can make use of it.
Bye Ali.


  1. I love this shamrock! I can't wait to make this, I am always looking for Irish looking things! Thanks so much! :)

  2. Hi Ali!
    Have you heard of the Yahoo Spoolknitter group? or the Flickr Spool Knitter group? At Yahoo we have competitions and prizes to win, links, Files, photos, and discussions about all things to do with Spool knitting and collecting spool knitters. At Flickr - you will see lots of wonderful photos. Maybe we will see you there!
    cheers, Maz


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